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Not your standard Mother’s day “fare”

This week I was struck by two very different takes, each responses to Mother’s Day. Neither particularly provide the Hallmark card version of honouring mothers, but each of these stories provide a glimpse of an issue in our current culture, 1) failing to find meaning in marriage and 2) finding meaning in the midst of Alzheimer’s. The comparison of the two may speak for itself. Please have a closer look and then allow me to give a brief commentary.

Story #1 – An unhappy Mom

Story #2 A very happy Mom (Video below)

The first story sees life as gift, rather than “looking for gift”.

The other is about faithful, persevering love, rather than grasping for love.

What do each say about the need to celebrate the other – the one you married – in all situations…for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse?

Both are about difficult situations and I would be amiss if I did not empathize with each. How to walk through each of these. Let me provide two resources.


Marriage: Getting the Love You Want- this book has helped millions of couples attain more of a loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationship. Or find a marriage counselor near you.

Please respond about what you think!

Sincerely Pam.

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