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Newmarket Day Camp

The start of day camp is almost here. We hope you’re getting as excited to participate as we are to get things going. We are certainly looking forward to the smiling faces, the laughter and the fun play ahead. If you’re curious about what we have planned here are some highlights:

  • We have a bunch of icebreaker games that will encourage campers to break out of their shell and get to know one another. If you are not coming to camp with a shell…icebreakers will be even more fun.
  • There’ll be games that promote teamwork and strategical thinking, suitable for kids of all ages
  • We’ll be designing easy and beautiful crafts that are fun to make as well as to use!
  • We will recharge and renew our energy levels with fun and healthy snacks that all campers will enjoy
  • Join us on a prayer safari where campers explore the wild Serengeti and learn about the Lord’s prayer

And a few other surprises include:

  • Tissue paper stained glass
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Fruit floats, rice cake hearts, popcorn, freezies, a pizza party, and more!
  • Water day at the community centre!
  • Water balloon volleyball
  • Sponge Relay
  • And the banger is a RELAY OBSTACLE RACE on the final day!

We are looking forward to seeing you.

There are still some spots available for kids craving some fun and would like to give their parents a break from kid boredom fighting! You still can register for day camp via the form below, there are a few open spots.


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