Sharing is the chief joy of friendship. God gives generously to us so that we can enjoy giving generously in return. Stewardship is our spontaneous response to God’s grace, affirming our communion with God and each other through concrete acts of generosity. From our experience of compassion, love, gratitude and concern, the desire to nourish what we value arises in us.

An important aspect of our membership in the Church is our financial support. Financial support is first of all regular, budgeted giving. This is the main support for St. Paul’s and all that we attempt to do. Our budget is based on what members are willing to give. In addition, financial stewardship also involves us in the extraordinary needs and lofty dreams which arise from time to time in the life of the parish. Special gifts make it possible for St. Paul’s to realize long-term goals.

Stewardship at St. Pauls

But besides money, we support the church with our time, our skills and our presence. Volunteering in various ways, from reading, to teaching Sunday School, to cleaning, to singing in the choir, to making crafts for the bazaar, are all forms of stewardship. Just showing up on Sunday morning is an indication of our stewardship, our willingness to share with others our love and dependence on God. Indeed, all the loving acts we perform at home, at work, and in the community are our gifts to God.

Helping St. Paul’s with Planning (Intention Form)
The Intention Form is merely an indication of how you intend to support your church in the coming year. It is not binding and can be changed at anytime. Your pledge is strictly confidential, seen only by you and the Envelope Secretary. He/She provides the Wardens and the Clergy with statistical information only (number of forms returned, total amounts pledged), but names and other personal information are NEVER shared.
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Worry-free Contributions
Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) is a simple way to make regular offerings to your church through a direct monthly withdrawal from a bank account. It represents a very deliberate and planned approach to giving and ensures your ongoing support of St. Paul’s ministry even when you might be absent from church. It signifies the gift of “first fruit” – giving back to God the first and the best of what he has given us. You may make changes to your PAR donation at any time by contacting the Envelope Secretary.
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