The purpose of Christian Education for adults is not only to teach us about how God’s grace works, but to help us experience that grace; not only to know about God but to know God, to become God’s friend. All are welcome – the baptized and the unbaptized, the seeker, the cradle Anglican, even the committed atheist. We ask is it true, not just abstractly true, but true as in honest, authentic, sincere. We ask is it good; is it beautiful; does it more or less agree with our experience; does it enrich life and humanity. Anyone even casually interested in learning more about Christianity and the spiritual life are welcome to attend these events. Other courses and workshops will be offered from time to time. Retreats and Quiet Days, ancient and important ways of Christian growth and spiritual development, are also offered on occasion.

Bible Study
The Church believes that the Bible contains a true revelation of God and is uniquely authoritative for the Christian life. Accordingly, opportunities for studying the Bible are an important component to parish life and growth. Currently, we offer a Bible Study on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. The study is led by our priest and takes place in the Rectory after the mid-week celebration of the Eucharist. Home study groups are also encouraged.

Christian Education at St. Pauls Newmarket
The Forum
Most Sundays after the 10 am celebration we gather in the Rectory living room for a presentation and discussion on a selected topic. All are welcome to participate.

Christian Education Calendar