Children at St. Paul'sOur children’s ministry seeks to establish and grow faith in Jesus in our children by bringing them week by week into contact with God’s truth and his love.

Church School
From September to June, youngsters over 4 are welcome to join in our Sunday School program. This program runs during the 10 o’clock celebration. The children begin the service with their parents and after a Children’s Focus at the chancel step they leave for their own program downstairs. There the children join their teacher to find out more about what faith in Jesus can mean in their lives. The program is full of activities that make learning fun for children. They will return in time to receive holy communion with their parents.

There is an annual summer daycamp for children ages 4-12. This is held the second-last week in August and is a popular event for campers and leaders alike.

St. Paul’s is a place where people of all ages can feel at home and welcomed; a place that is meaningful, where there is room to serve and to have fun – and a place to ask those questions which occur when you reach the teen years. St. Paul’s is about relationship. At St. Paul’s, we seek to provide ways to gather youth where there is openness, so that relating can occur. A variety of gatherings, whether a confirmation class where we consider who God is and how God is at work in our lives or an overnight snow-tubing event, where we gather with other young people and have fun, or when we lead some younger folk at a day-camp…it is all one piece. And, it is amazing when young people develop a relationship with the God who gives himself in relationship to them. The church is a place that hears the stories of young people and celebrates who they are and who they are becoming. St. Paul’s seeks to be a church that grows with youth in mind and youth grow with church in mind.