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It’s a Sign and it’s a Sign!

We recently completed the installation of a new sign in the front yard of our church where we can post happenings at St. Paul’s. It’s taken almost 8 months of discussions, planning, budgeting, coordinating, acquiring permits, choosing a sign company, firing a sign company, choosing another sign company and creating a new brand for our church (which we proudly showcase on our new sign). We can’t describe our elation with the fact that we finally have a sign. It’s something we’ve desperately wanted and needed one for years to help us promote the wonderful things happening at St. Paul’s. Beyond serving the practical purpose of allowing us to effectively promote ourselves, our sign represents something more. Just like our tagline reads…so is our sign: “A beacon of hope”. It not only acts as a beacon directing people to our place of community and worship, but it’s also representative of the direction that we as a parish are moving towards.

Our sign is like a sign. A sign (or indicator) that represents the new strategic direction that our church is moving in. St. Paul’s wants to extend its reach to affect more spiritual growth and support in our community. To date, it’s a feat we haven’t been able to accomplish as effectively as we would like to. Partly because we are neatly tucked away on a side street and have been doing a poor job of shouting out who we are, what we are all about and some of the things that we are up to. We are confident that our new brand and sign can help to lift us out from under the radar.

These are exciting times for us as we continue to challenge ourselves to grow and extend our reach. We welcome all to visit us a St. Paul’s to discover our rebirth and learn more about how you can experience the wonders of St. Paul’s that we as parishioners have grown so accustomed to. Visit us for a service or event to discover more.

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