Garage Sale Treasures and a Rocky Road Bar Challenger

Our Annual Garage/Plant/Bake sale was a great success thanks in large part to all the volunteers who contributed their time and an even bigger thanks to all those who came out to find and buy their treasures. St. Paul’s is so grateful that we reside in a community of caring people who support initiatives like our Annual Sale.

St. Paul's Garage Sale

And as usual our Peameal on a Bun was another hit. However we’ve discovered a new challenger for the title of “Most Popular Munchie at St. Paul’s Garage Sale”. There were amazing Rocky Road Bars at the baked goods table which were a huge hit. The heavenly bite didn’t spend much time on display…the tasty morsels were grabbed up faster than they could be replenished. We’d like to thank Pat Forsey for donating these treats. Pat’s husband Phil is also the mastercrafter of “The Best Peameal on a Bun”. Technically the title of “Best Munchie” is kept in the family.

Bake Sale

If anyone is interested in the recipe for the Rocky Road read on:

Garage Sale Rocky Road Bar

Pat’s Amazing Rocky Road Bar Recipe
13” x 9“pan
Bake 350 degrees – 25-30 minutes
1 ½ c. graham cracker crumbs
½ c. melted butter
1 ½ c. flaked coconut
1 ½ c. chopped nuts
1 ½ c. semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 ½ c. mini marshmallows
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
3 oz. semi-sweet chocolate melted

Combine crumbs and butter. Press into 13 x 9 pan.
Sprinkle coconut over crumbs
Add a layer of nuts, chocolate chips & marshmallows.
Drizzle condensed milk evenly over the top.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes until golden. Remove
From oven, drizzle with melted chocolate. Cool, cut into bars or squares.

Enjoy !!

Again St. Paul’s would like to thank all those who supported this effort.


  1. Reply
    Jill says

    I have NEVER tasted Rocky Road bars like the ones that Mrs. Forsey made! They just don’t compare to any others! Would Mrs. Forsey consider making and selling these several times a year? I would get them for gifts throughout the year and would especially love to buy them for Christmas! Thank you so much for posting the recipe but I know mine (and any one else’s) will NOT turn out like Mrs. Forsey’s! :(

    • Reply
      stpauls says

      Glad you enjoyed the treats. We’ll pass on the message about making more…very nice words Jill!

  2. Reply
    Ann Campbell says

    These really are amazing. I have just emailed the recipe off to my daughter-in-law in London, U.K. to make for our grandson, Jude, and have told her to hide them from his father!!

    • Reply
      stpauls says

      Hiding from Dad is a good call! These treats really justify the need to go to church…they are sinfully delicious :)

  3. Reply
    sandy says

    thank you…for Pat’s Amazing Rocky Road Bar Recipe

    • Reply
      stpauls says

      We’ll let Pat know…thanks for the comment!

  4. Reply
    Darlene says

    Without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. Pat, thanks for the recipe! Will be a cherished favourite from now on.

    • Reply
      stpauls says

      Thanks Darlene! Pat will love to hear this!

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