St. Paul's Logo

To be a beacon of hope, inspiring people of all ages through spiritual growth and service to others.

A welcoming Christian community, anchored in the love of God, inspiring compassion and spirituality through worship and service.



We value faith as it creates and strengthens our relationship with God and leads us on the journey to discover a meaningful purpose in life.

We value worship as a life-changing experience bringing us closer to God through word, sacrament, reflection, prayer and music.

Pastoral Leadership
We value pastoral leadership that is visionary and innovative, creating an environment which promotes teaching, understanding, nurturing and sound governance.

Everyone is welcome here

All People
We value all people, just as they are, regardless of age, gender, race, culture and lifestyle.

Service To Our Church
We value service to the church as it provides opportunity to offer our time, talent, and treasure that enhances our spiritual growth and fellowship.

We value service to people everywhere as we are encouraged and empowered to help others with their physical, social and spiritual needs.

Our Legacy
We value our Anglican spiritual legacy, our historic church, and all that connects us with our heritage and inspires future generations.