St. Paul's History

St. Paul’s was founded in 1820 as a missionary parish. The first Anglican services were held in a room above a store on Main Street in Newmarket. In 1834, the first church building was erected. It was a simple frame building and was sparsely furnished. In 1884 the present stone neo-gothic church and Rectory were erected. In 1992, due to misinformed safety concerns, the parish was required to relocate to a temporary worship facility on Davis Dr. In the years following our return to the building in 1997, efforts have been made to restore the church so that it would be a more welcoming environment for worship and fellowship. The “Link” between the church and rectory was completed in 2005. This has provided us with extra gathering and meeting space and improved accessibility.


Pioneer Burying Ground
St. Paul’s established one of the first cemeteries in the area. It is located on Eagle St. The cemetery consists of the remains of at least 120 of Newmarket’s early pioneers, some of whom were prominent in the establishment of the town. In 1947, the property was cleared and the fallen tombstones were gathered into two cement cairns. A concrete Celtic cross was erected as the focal point of the renewed hallowed ground.