Welcome to St. Paul’s Anglican – the church on Church St. in the heart of Newmarket!

We are very pleased to have you visit our website and become more familiar with the life of our active Christian community.  Here you will find some of the many activities that strengthen our faith and call us to service in the broader world. As you browse through these pages, we hope you find something that inspires you.

St. Paul’s seeks to be a place of prayer, beautiful worship and music, a reasoned faith, and warm welcome. When you visit us expect to be treated with dignity and respect no matter your background. There will be no pressure to commit to more than you are comfortable in your own time.

Feel free to come and join us for worship. There’s an exciting, vibrant feeling these days at St. Paul’s Church. Come see for yourself. You will always be welcome at St. Paul’s.

We are members of the worldwide Anglican Communion and part of the Diocese of Toronto, the most populous of the thirty dioceses of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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Our Blog: Voices of Hope

  • NFL Kneeling

    Free to Kneel, NOT Just at Church

    One would have thought that for a sitting president to pick a fight with the NFL would be political suicide, such a high place does that institution (the NFL, not the presidency) hold in the U.S., and to do it in such a vulgar way, by referring to those players...

  • Forgiveness

    Family & Forgiveness

    The Rev. Canon Barbara J. Hammond (Sermon) Families can be the greatest strength of our lives or the biggest problem. For some people, leaving home is almost impossible, for others it is a necessity if they are to find peace. Some families seem to be always in a state of...

  • The Reformation - Fall Course

    The Reformation – Fall Course

    This fall marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses. Throughout the world, churches are celebrating the 500th anniversary of what became known as the Protestant Reformation. What was the Reformation? Did it really start with this event? Who were the major players? What was at stake?...